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Monday to Saturday at 10am to 19am30
58, rue de Clichy paris 9ème
01 42 85 16 08


The Story of Frédéric

Son and grandson of Parisian storekeepers, specialized first of all in small electrical appliances then in shaving, I felt a vocation to follow in my ancestor’s footsteps.

Awarded a marketing diploma in the 80s, I decided to apply my talents in an American multinational. Then in 1991, eager for adventure, I decided to take over the family business.

I rethought the approach of shaving and envisaged a new concept: Shaving by a specialist.

Created in 1966, the company is essentially situated in the Parisian department stores. It was thus a question of inverting this trend: Changing an anonymous space into something confidential and warm. That is what was created in la Rue de Clichy - Paris 9th district.

In 2001, to celebrate its 35 years of existence, Planète Rasoir has been "relooked".

Today, as a shaving specialist we can introduce you all which has attraction in your electric or hand shaving.

You can find a wide range of cosmetics man there as well as facial skincare. Having become an experienced specialist in the art of the shaving, it is with a lot of attention that I shall listen to you for, then, lavish upon you the wise advice "passionate about the hair "!

It will be a pleasure to meet you soon at Planète Rasoir …

Histoire de Frédéric
Expertise & conseils

Expertise and advice

Planète Rasoir, it is before any an expertise. We are specialists in shaving not only in advice but also in practice.

We attach a lot of importance for the transmission of knowledge, and we take advantage of our knowledge to select the products of highest quality which are adapted to our clientele.

Our knowledge also applies in the store. Our barber hairdresser and beautician Anthony will take care of your beard with all his professionalism. He will moreover be able to advise you and to direct you to the products which correspond best to your expectations.

Respect of traditions

Since 1966, Planète Rasoir watches over the respect for tradition, both for advice and products but also in the production of the latter.

We have a lot of pleasure to work with craftsmen who protect this cultural heritage.

At our home, the respect for the barber tradition joins excellence. We want to make available products of a high quality and products in natural properties. Through our advice, we try to give you all the keys for the respect for this tradition, generating an irreproachable shaving.

Le respect des traditions


In passing the door of Planète Rasoir, you will be considered listened to and understood.

We put our welcome at the heart of our policy. Furthermore, we watch particularly the respect for our craftsmen and for the reliable relationships we have with them. We also actively care for the protection of the environment.

The environmental protection is also a part of our DNA. By favoring French products, by forging links of closenesses with our suppliers we can reduce our carbon footprint.

Furthermore we favor care with products which are 100% natural for your health.

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