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Honing steel

Often use to keep the sharp of a knife, the honing steel is the easier way to succeed your sharp. Two way of sharpening are possible: with or without a support point.

With a support point, you will hold your honing steel upright and take support on the table.

In any case, the movement is the same :

Handle tightly your honing steel and put a little pression on the knife. Place the back of the knife and make the sharp slide on the honing steel with a weak angle of 20/30°.

Pass the knife 6 to 8 time on each side above and below of the honing steel

Sharpening stone

The most experts should prefer the use of a stone. Natural or artificial, it is more preferable when the stone is light, very light, especially for the Japanese knives.

You have to use those stones with water. The friction with the steel when the stone is wet make an abrasive dough and give a better work on the blade. Without water, the knife and the stone will be damaged.

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