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Beard cut with comb and scissors

To prepare a garnished beard for the cut, it is necessary to start by brushing the beard. We recommend the use of a horn comb, which did not trap electric charges, and the beard cut will be easier.

If you want your beard lighter, using well sharped scissors will make your beard cut straight.

Perhaps you will enjoy more neatness and proceed to a shave on your cheeks and your throat, using an oil. Therefore, the line of your beard will be more pronounced.

Beard cut with a trimmer

Every morphology and personality has his own beard cut style. All beards are different.

As well as for the beard cut with scissors, the beard brush will have all his cleaning virtue. Then the horn comb will heal your hair and make it greater.

Once your beard cut, you can us a perfumed beard oil or balm and therefore your beard will be soft to touch and easier for the next cut.

Barber’s tricks

If your Beard is tough and thick, you can meet some difficulty with your comb. Try a nice brush with boar bristle.

Also, a wide range of oils and balms are at your services among Planète Rasoir and then help you to use your comb.

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