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58, rue de Clichy paris 9ème
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Traditional Shave

All the specialists agree that shaving with an open razor offers unequalled quality. It is exactly this quality which we want to offer to our customers and we are particularly proud of it.

The art of traditional shaving is beyond any conviviality. Upon your arrival in the shop, our barber will come to meet you and will lead you into your space. After a rapid diagnostic of your beard and skin, the barber will be capable of giving you the most useful advice and meeting your highest requirements.

The use of the badger brush enables the application of the shaving soap. We use badgers of the highest quality proposed in the shop with are selected withcare. As in the tradition, the barber uses an open razor.

Once the shave has ended, the barber will apply you some stone of alum to decrease the heat of the shaving and help in the healing of microcuts. Hot towels will be put on your face as well as a moisturizer. You will leave of house with an impression of freshness and well-being.

Beard Cut

A long time out of fashion, the beard returned from the beginning of 2000s. Whether it is a 3-day stubble, of 10 days or more, it is accepted in all circles, including the professional sphere.

At Planète Rasoir, the trimming of beards is above all the fruit of expertise. According to your desires, the barber can exercise his craft on a simple beard or a "sculptured" one. He can also take care of your mustache or your billy goat.

According to its length Our barber will cut your beard exclusively with scissors and not an electric razor for optimal precision. Outlines are done by a trimmer.

Sculptured beard outlines are no longer done by electric razor but by open razor because it is a tool which offer better precision.

According to the type of your beard, our barber will apply, if you wish, an oil on your beard which will feed the hair. It will strengthen and soften it. Finally, the barber will give you advice concerning the maintenance of your beard and can suggest certain products to keep it silky.


Our barber has more than an expertise in shaving, he also expertly handles the art of the hairstyle for man.

He will listen to you and can answer all your expectations and styles.

All the haircuts are made on dry hair. It is simply a question of allowing our barber to identify the way you do your hair to best answer your requests.

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